Christian prophet solicits money for Jim Bakker’s new TV studio: ‘It’ll send an unbroken signal from Heaven’

On the December 17th edition of The Jim Bakker Show, guest Cindy Jacobs, who fancies herself as a “prophet,” gave one hell of a pitch to potential donors for the new television studio Jim Bakker is trying to build.

Bakker is looking to build a new ‘Voice of the Prophets” studio and has dropped a few hints regarding donations he’d like to receive — $10,000, maybe even a check for $1 million. But Jacobs tried a different approach.

“Think of the power of this kind of media, Jim,” Jacobs said in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “Think about — okay, we’re seating with [God] in heavenly places. We’re prophesying from the throne room — positionally, that’s where we prophesy from.”

According to Jacobs, anyone can belt out the usual prophecies.

“But we prophesy the will of God to the earth from Heaven,” she declared. “But when you prophecy from Heaven and it goes into a satellite, there’s a great authority in the heavens, do you understand this? This is an unbroken signal in a way, and then it’s disseminated down.”

“Maybe people don’t understand what I’m saying,” she added.

You got that right, Cindy.


Sky Palma

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