Christian prophet: The Illuminati is emitting frequencies that change people’s DNA so they’ll oppose Trump

Appearing on nutbag End Times conspiracist Sheila Zilinsky’s Christian radio show, the “Firefighter Prophet” Mark Taylor took an opportunity to warn her listeners that the Illuminati and the Freemasons are using a devilish frequency to alter people’s DNA — which in turn causes them to oppose President Trump.

“I believe what happened on November 8 is the enemy has literally sent out a frequency and it agitated and took control, basically, of those who have their DNA turned over to [Satan],” Taylor asserted. “That’s what’s happening. The Illuminati, the Freemasons, all these people, their main goal is to change the DNA of man and they’re doing it through these frequencies.”

According to Taylor, Christians who are being shunned by friends and family for supporting Trump are victims of the DNA change, adding that the media is broadcasting audio at 440 Hz, which he claims is damaging to the human body’s organs and also “changes your DNA, which is the goal of the Freemasons, the Illuminati; they want you part of that Illuminati bloodline.”

Listen to the audio below, via Right Wing Watch:

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Sky Palma

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