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Christian ‘prophet’: The Supreme Court has secretly ruled 2020 was rigged and will reinstall Trump

During an appearance on the Elijah List program, self-proclaimed prophet and career conspiracy theorist, Johnny Enlow, divulged what he says is divine insight into what the U.S. Supreme Court is really up to when it comes to claims that the 2020 election was stolen.

According to Enlow, SCOTUS “has already ruled against the last election,” clarifying that “this is what I believe” even though it “hasn’t been announced yet.”

Enlow went on to say they he didn’t receive this information in a dream, but it was “quite a revelation.”

“I believe the Supreme Court has already ruled that — I believe they’ve been shown — there’s been many more presentations of [2020 voter fraud] to them than we know about it, and that they have seen the conclusive proof that it was an overwhelmingly fraudulent election, Enlow said. “And that it already has been ruled, it already has not just been ruled, it has been overturned…”

Watch the video below:

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