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Christian ‘prophet’: Trump’s 2020 election victory was ‘already certified in the Supreme Court of Heaven’

During a recent appearance on the Elijah List livestream, conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed “prophet” Johnny Enlow said he had some “controversial” things to say, particularly about the 2020 election and who he thinks the real winner was.

According to Enlow, forget Mike Pence — “The Supreme Court of Heaven already decertified the 2020 election.” ‘

“That happened on the day of the thievery,” Enlow said before positing a fraudulent conspiracy theory claiming that the U.S. Supreme Court actually decertified the election in secret.

“I have been saying all along when people say, ‘When’s Trump coming back?’ because like, he’s never left,” he continued. “He has never been out of his position as supreme governmental leader on the planet. He has not left it … he’s been number one and he’s been that for years.”

Watch the video below:

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