Christian prophet: Trump’s critics are so full of demons ‘they’re not even human anymore’

During an appearance on the The MC Files webcast, pro-Trump conspiracy theorist and and Christian “prophet,” Mark Taylor, claimed that people who are opposed to President Trump are possessed by demons.

Speaking to host Chris McDonald, Taylor said that people will be “astonished” when they find out what’s driving the impeachment effort against Trump.

“The demons are manifesting in them,” Taylor said in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “This is what’s happening, and this is why they are acting the way they are. They are being choked out, so to speak. It’s almost like the oxygen to these spirits is being cut off, so they’re manifesting in any way possible, trying to survive.”

According to Taylor, some of “these people” aren’t “even hardly human.”

“You’re going to find out some of these people are to the point where they’re not even human anymore, they have been handed over to themselves, they’ve been handed over to the enemy to the point [where they’re] just not even human.”


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