Christian ‘prophetess’ calls on 100 million angels to unleash ‘the terror of God’ onto Biden’s White House

During a recent livestream, “Weather Warrior” and self-proclaimed “prophetess” Ket Kerr said she’s planning to unleash an army of angels — who are apparently under her command — to wreak havoc on the Biden administration.

“I take power over the Enemy [Satan] that is involved in activities in the White House or D.C., in ways that they’re cheating, stealing, and lying — they’re defiling the people by allowing evil to come in,” Kerr said.

“I command my Host [of angels] of Heaven, 100 million, to go there now and 24 hours a day for the nest 10 days or 30 days, you’ll release the terror of God upon those places, upon the people doing those things, that they will come to repentance —  a great fear will fall upon them and they will sometimes stop what they’re doing … go Host, make toast!”

One has to wonder: if Kerr has an army of 100 million angels at her disposal to make the Biden administration cave to God’s will, why is she only unleashing them now 1o months after Biden’s been in office?

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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