Christian ‘prophetess’: Everyone in Heaven can fly — ‘only after they take classes at the local flying school’

During a recent livestream, Trump-loving Christian “prophetess” and “Weather Warrior” Kat Kerr gave her inside account as to how flying lessons are conducted in Heaven for those lucky souls to want to become self-propelled aviators in the afterlife.

“People can do all kinds of things in Heaven,” Kerr said. “… Anybody can fly in Heaven. They have a place where you learn though. You do get to learn, you go by a place called ‘Fly-By’ near the amusement park and you learn how to fly because if they just throw you out there and say ‘go for it’ there’s not telling what — you wouldn’t get hurt.”

Kerr went on to say they people who just simply request “wings” still wouldn’t be able to fly because they “wouldn’t know what to do with the wings either,” adding that there’s “some things you don’t automatically know” once you get into Heaven. But once those who “train you how to do that.”

Watch the video below:

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