Christian ‘prophetess’: God said ‘all those people voting early are voting for Trump’

Kat Kerr once claimed she could control the weather and natural disasters. That gig apparently didn’t work out too well, so now she markets herself as a Trump surrogate with divine powers. During a recent livestream with The Elijah List‘s Steve Schultz, Kerr said that God told her that all those millions of early voters this election are actually Trump voters.

Despite the endless examples of polling that shows Joe Biden leading Trump nationally, Kerr said “there’s no evidence that Biden has any people behind him.”

“But these rallies with tens of thousands of people wanting Trump, knowing that — many of them are Christians; they know God chose him — and they’re voting for him no matter how that has to happen,” she said.

“And I’ve driven by the early voting places, and they’re around the buildings and down the streets. And God told me all those people in that line were voting for Trump.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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Sky Palma

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