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Christian ‘prophetess’: I sent 100 million angels ‘that I command’ to protect Israel

Speaking on a Wednesday livestream of The Elijah List, self-proclaimed “prophetess” and “weather warrior Kat Kerr — who host Steve Schultz says has “been to Heaven hundreds of times over the last 25 years — revealed that her heavenly connections are more powerful than anyone thought.

According to Kerr, “God has been talking to me a lot about Israel,” and people shouldn’t worry about Israel’s security even though “the illegitimates are in the White House.”

“I have sent probably 100 million of the Host over to Israel  to pull down strongholds of Satan coming against them to tear down the words that were spoken against them,” Kerr said. “[God] asked me to do that, so I did.”

“And I know you think it sounds weird that he asked me to send them, but that army is an army of Heaven that I command according to what Jesus Christ said, and so I sent them.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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