Christian ‘prophetess’ on what happens to aborted babies: ‘Jesus gives them rides in a kangaroo pouch’

During a recent appearance on the Elijah List livestream, Christian pro-Trump “prophetess” and “weather warriorKat Kerr was asked what happens to babies when they’re aborted, and her answer was a journey into the mind of a truly delusional person.

Kerr, who claims to have visited Heaven several times (she says she once saw John Wayne making movies there), said that when the souls of fetuses arrive in Heaven, they’re first greeted by Jesus himself, especially the ones who were “miscarried or aborted.”

“If [the babies] are really shy or if the child doesn’t know people, they make friends with Jesus first, and they love him — they just love Jesus,” Kerr said. “He’ll come read stories to them, he takes them into the meadows and does things with them, they go on rides of different animals.” 

Then Kerr got specific as to the animal rides aborted babies can go on in Heaven. 

“Like kangaroos … I’ve seen him put little babies in the pocket and the kangaroo hops around,” she said. “Birds will fly the little babies around — they’re all going with Jesus to have a picnic somewhere.” 

Watch the video below: 

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