Christian protester’s sign unintentionally makes the opposite point he’s trying to make

The group Metroplex Atheists hosted an educational seminar this weekend designed to teach the public on the dangers of Christian nationalism. According to the Friendly Atheist, there was a good turnout, but there were also some who came to protest the event.

One of the protester’s signs drew a few laughs for it unintended message.

Among the numerous photos posted the Metroplex Atheists’ Facebook page was one of a Christian protester holding a sign that read, “There are no atheists in hell” — which is a slight variation on the old adage, “There are no atheists in foxholes.” The intended message was one we’ve heard before: When your godless self dies and you’re cast into the flames of hell, you won’t be an atheist anymore.


But as some pointed out in the comments, the protester was saying something that’s actually true — at least from the atheist perspective: Atheists don’t believe in hell, so it’s technically true to say there won’t be any atheists there.

“Somebody needs to get a sign that says ‘because hell is an imaginary concept’ and stand next to this guy,” one commenter wrote.

“This is awesome – finally they say something true,” wrote another.

“Of course not!” another person wrote. “Hell is, like ‘heaven’, ‘sin’ and ‘miracles’ a construct of the same nonsense that brought you “virgin birth”, walking on water, talking snakes and donkeys, and flying up to ‘heaven'”

As the comments demonstrate, atheism is the best cure for fear of eternal damnation.

[H/T Friendly Atheist]

Featured image via Facebook. 

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