Christian radio host Bryan Fischer: ‘Christianity is the only religion with First Amendment rights’

On his radio program this Tuesday, Bryan Fischer of the anti-gay American Family Association repeated a delusion that he’s voiced before — that Christianity is the only religion protected under the First Amendment.

As Right Wing Watch points out, Fischer was discussing a news story where a North Carolina inmate who is suing for his right to practice the Wiccan religion.

“The blunt, simple, direct, straightforward answer is that Wiccans do not have First Amendment rights,” Fischer said.

“Nor do Muslims, nor do Jews, nor do Native Americans, nor do Rastafarians, nor do any practitioners of any other religion other than Christianity.”

According to Fischer, the Founders only had Christianity in mind when they conceived the First Amendment.

“Whatever the First Amendment is about, whatever protections it extends in the federal Constitution, those were just for Christianity,” he declared.

“Christianity has First Amendment rights under the federal Constitution, no other religion does.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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Sky Palma

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