Christian radio host: ‘Nothing about Trump indicates a lack of good morals’

Speaking on his Wallbuilders Live radio program yesterday, host David Barton reassured Christians that they should have no second thoughts about their support for Trump. After all, his sexual misdeeds were all in the past.

In an audio clip flagged by Right Wing Watch, Barton was having a discussion about Trump evangelical advisor Pastor Robert Jeffress, who they say correctly predicted that Trump was the only candidate capable of helping the Religious Right enact their agenda.

“When we say Trump’s position and values, those were all in a former life. I’ve seen nothing in this administration to indicate a lack of good morals, quite frankly,” Barton said.

Barton’s son, Tim Barton, took things a step further, saying that Trump “is almost a similar personification, on some levels, of [Benjamin] Franklin” because both men started out as secular and later became religious (allegedly).

David Barton agreed, citing as proof the fact that Trump surrounds himself with evangelical leaders.

“When you look over the last five, six years, I don’t know of any moral behavior problems that we can point to like were out there during the campaign and have been in the news recently,” he said. “Those go back a few years.”

“It’s kind of like King David,” he added. “I can’t judge King David solely on the basis of Bathsheba because there is a point in time at which he moved past that.”

Listen to the audio below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via screen grab/YouTube

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