Christian radio host on Buttigieg vs Trump: ‘A gay president would be worse than an adulterous one’

During his radio program today, Bryan Fischer talked about his latest blog post, titled, “A Homosexual in the White House Must Be Unthinkable“. According to Fischer, if Pete Buttigieg becomes president, it would be “suicidal for our culture.”

“It’s got to be unthinkable for us to even consider putting a homosexual in the White House as our next president,” Fischer said in an video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “If you’re an American and you love America, you cannot afford to put an unapologetic and unrepentant homosexual in the White House.”

“If you’re an American and you love America, you cannot afford to put an unapologetic and unrepentant in the White House.

Fischer mentioned those on “the left” who are “consumed with outrage” over the fact there’s currently an “adulterer” in the White House. According to him, these people “have made our argument for us.”

“Because by their own admission, they are agreeing that a would-be president and what he does in his private life does matter and is a valid concern for voters,” Fischer said.

According to Fischer, the left is being hypocritical for “lionizing” Buttigieg while condemning Trump.

“Now, adultery is sexually deviant, make no mistake about it, because it deviates from God’s design for human sexuality,” he said. “But homosexuality, I would submit, is even more deviant than adultery because homosexuality puts human body parts to uses that were never intended by nature or by nature’s God.”

Fischer concluded the segment by theorizing that “homosexuality is a greater and more manifest threat to human health even than injection drug abuse,” adding that a gay president would be more dangerous than a president who is “repeatedly, unapologetically, and proudly injecting himself with heroin, cocaine, or meth.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image: screen grab via MSNBC/Fox News (YouTube)

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