Christian radio host: ‘When the left attacks white supremacy, they’re attacking hard work and free-market values’

Speaking on her radio show Sandy Rios in the Morning this Friday, host Sandy Rios gave her thoughts on what’s really behind the criticisms of white supremacy in this country. According to her, liberals are actually criticizing conservative Christianity when they call out white supremacy.

In an audio clip flagged by Right Wing Watch‘s Jared Holt, Rios added another bit of bizarre logic and said that people who call Trump a “Nazi” are forgetting that the Nazis also killed white people.

“It’s not about your skin color and when they go further and compare President Trump to Nazis and their white racism, it’s really silly because, remember, the Nazis killed thousands, hundreds of thousands, of people,” Rios said. “But guess what? They were white. The Nazis were Aryan supremacists. They had a certain superhuman race they wanted to develop and most white people did not qualify.”

According to Rios, critiques of white supremacy from the left are actually critiques on “the roots of this country.”

“They’re talking about Christianity,” she said. “They’re talking about hard work, about capitalism and free-market values. They’re talking about everything that has made America what it is. That’s what they mean.”

“It may seem as though the hatred is focused on the president, but as I have said to you before, it is really focused on us—those of us that love this country. Even if you don’t support Trump fully but you love the Constitution, you love the founders, you believe in Jesus—you are an object of their wrath.”

Listen to the audio over at Right Wing Watch.

Featured image via screen grab/YouTube

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