Christian school expels 8-year-old girl for saying she had a crush on another girl

(Screenshot via fox 23 news)

An 8-year-old girl who was a student at Rejoice Christian School in Owasso, Oklahoma, was reportedly expelled after telling another girl that she had a crush on her, Fox 23 News reports.

According to Delanie Shelton, her daughter Chloe was told by the school’s vice principal that “the bible says you can only marry a man and have children with a man.”

“My daughter was crying saying ‘does God still love me?'” Shelton said.

“The vice principal asked me how do I feel like girls liking girls and I said if we’re being honest, I think it’s okay for girls to like girls and she looked shocked and appalled,” she said.

“They ripped my kids out of the only school they’ve ever really known away from their teachers and friends they’ve had over the past four years over something my daughter probably doesn’t know or fully understand,” Shelton added.

Speaking to KTUL, Shelton said her daughter was “crying and asking me if God still loves me if she is wrong for the way that she feels.”

“The superintendent called me and let me know that they would be ending their partnership with our family.”

A local pastor told KTUL that the school should have handled the situation better.

“My thoughts and beliefs would be that the school would want a good relationship with the parents, I imagine the parents are hurt,” said Pastor Scott Carlson, later adding that that family should have “understood where the school stood on these issues before they enrolled their child.”

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