Christian televangelist: Trump’s love for God is reflected in how ‘politely’ he treats journalists

Conservative comedian Chad Prather had televangelist James Robison on his Blaze TV show late last month, where the two talked about abortion, how the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are basically Satan, and other things. As has been the case with Donald Trump‘s most vocal evangelical supporters, it was just a matter of time before Robison started comparing Trump to biblical figures.

At one point in the interview, Prather mentions how he initially didn’t support Trump for president because he didn’t think the then-candidate was “the moral man America needed” as a leader. But he, as did Robison, eventually came around.

“How can a person who claims to be a [believer in God] support a guy like Donald Trump with his history and the way that he has handled himself over the years and how he handles himself today?” Prather asked Robison.

In his answer, Robison brought up Peter the Apostle (or “Simon Peter, as Robison calls him) and compared his life to Trump’s, even suggesting that Trump has a leg up on Peter when it comes to acknowledging God.

“Donald Trump’s done a lot of things awful, but Simon Peter being one of the closest disciples to [Jesus] … Simon Peter who was close to him for three years, denied Jesus three times,” Robison replied. “I don’t know that our president ever did that.”

Robison went on to explain that Trump initially would have been his “last pick” among the 17 GOP candidates who ran in 2016.

“But something began to happen,” he said. “This man kept standing there and saying, ‘I really want to make America great again, we can make America great again.’ The common sense people [realize] that nanny state radical socialism and a out-of-control progressive liberal socialist government was not right. They could see it.”

According to Robison, Trump truly cares about the American people, but his early detractors didn’t realize it. He also claimed that some of the GOP candidates from 2016 came to him and said that Trump was the one who could withstand the assault from the progressive left.

He then went on to laud Trump’s qualities has a human being.

“Watch how he treats the media who treats him worse than a dog,” Robison said. “They never say anything good about him. Nothing, ever. And he stands there and politely answers the questions of the very people who are determined to destroy him.

Watch the exchange below:

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