Christian TV host: America doesn’t need gun control, it needs ‘demon control’

Conspiracy theorist and End Times lunatic Rick Wiles weighed in the gun debate on his TruNews program this Monday. According to him, the solution to school shootings doesn’t lie with new gun control measures, it lies with our ability to combat the spirit realm.

“Where were the parents? Where were the school administrators? You didn’t want to judge him? You didn’t want to impose your values on him as he’s searching to find his identity?” Wiles said, referring to the recent mass shooting and Santa Fe High School in Houston that left 10 people dead.

“We don’t need gun control; we need demon control,” he continued. “That’s what we need: demon control. And only the church can control demons through the name of Jesus Christ, through the blood of Jesus Christ, through the word of God.”

According to Wiles, Satan is infiltrating the souls of children through the entertainment industry and video games.

“These teens are possessed by the Devil!” he declared. “And the church is sitting around going, ‘This is kinda strange what’s happening, it’s kinda weird’ — no, it’s demonic.

That’s when co-host Raymond Doc Burkhart chimed in, saying that school don’t need metal detectors to prevent school shootings, they need prayer warriors “at every single door and every single school in this country.”

“The church needs to be at the public school,” Burkhart asserted.

Wiles agreed, reiterating an old religious right talking point that outright contradicts the separation between church and state.

“Bring the bible back into the school,” Wiles said. “Bring prayer back in the school.”

As the Friendly Atheist‘s Hement Mehta points out, Wiles and his ilk aren’t looking for solutions to kids dying in the classroom, they’re looking to spread their brand of religious fundamentalism and school shootings is the perfect propaganda tool.

“Wiles is just reciting the same old fundamentalist Christian Right rhetoric, attempting to distract from real solutions and drum up customers for his own business: religion,” Mehta writes. “Blaming demons actually makes sense for him. After all, it’s always best to invent an illness for which your organization has the only known cure.”

Watch the video below:

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