Christian TV host: ‘George Soros is an enemy of the state who should be arrested’

As conspiracy theories surrounding the billionaire liberal philanthropist and investor George Soros reach a fever pitch, news reports broke that an explosive device had been found near his home. Immediately after, it was reported that bombs mailed to former President Obama and Hillary Clinton were intercepted. Additionally, a bomb was mailed to the facilities that house CNN. All those on the receiving end of the mailed bombs have been targets of right-wing conspiracy theories that have been circulating for years.

The news reignited the debate about how conspiratorial rhetoric can influence violent acts and intimidation. It also prompts a renewed look at those with huge followings who play a part in disseminating that rhetoric. TruNews TV host Rick Wiles is one of those people. Just a day before the Soros bomb was mailed, Wiles was on his program calling for the arrest of Soros and for his wealth to be seized.

According to Wiles, the caravan of Central American migrants currently heading towards the U.S. was orchestrated and funded by Soros — a claim that has no basis in reality or any available evidence.

In a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch, Wiles regurgitated a false claim pushed by President Trump which says Islamic terrorists are among those walking in the caravan. He then insisted that Soros is an “enemy of the state” and should be arrested.

“I don’t know why George Soros has not been named as an enemy of the state,” Wiles said. “His wealth should be seized. He should be arrested and imprisoned. He is working to collapse nations. He is a dangerous … he is a financial political terrorist.”

“He’s a dangerous man and he should be arrested, his wealth should be seized,” Wiles said.

Conspiracy theories targeting Soros have been roundly debunked by fact-checking websites, with leading the way.

George Soros’ name is often invoked by conspiracy theorists who assert he is a “puppet master” wontrolling world events. President Trump similarly accused the Hungarian billionaire (without evidence) on 5 October 2018 of paying protesters during the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh …

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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