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Christian TV host: Obama and George Soros are planning for drug cartels to invade Texas and slaughter Americans

On Friday’s edition of his TruNews program, conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles claimed that former President Barack Obama — using current Joe Biden as a proxy — and George Soros, are hatching a plan to allow drug cartels to invade Texas and slaughter American citizens.

“The communists running Homeland Security, they’re going to betray the Americans,” Wiles said. “I fear a massacre is coming —  a massacre of Americans on the Texas border. When it happens, it all breaks loose at that point because we all have to pick up our arms and head to Texas.”

Wiles declared that if this plan is implemented, he’ll “walk away” from his show and go to Texas to “fight.”

“When is [Texas Gov. Greg] Abbott going to act?” Wiles asked. “When is he going to send troops to the border and order them to open fire? The thing that’s going to hold them back will be the women and children the cartel is using as human shields. Thank you, George Soros, for your evil, diabolical plan that you have because this is organized.”

“…Biden is Obama’s stooge,” Wiles later added. “Obama is running this operation. Obama is the president of the United States. The communist street organizer is running the Biden administration. Joe Biden is still Obama’s vice president, and Obama is bringing down the republic.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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