Christian TV host: Those who oppose Alabama’s abortion ban will be ‘aborted eternally in hell by demons’

While most rational people are a bit horrified that lawmakers in Alabama voted to imprison abortion doctors up to 99 years for performing the procedure, there are also those are who just giddy over the idea, and Rick Wiles is one of them. In fact, he’s so “pro-life,” he’d love to see all you pro-choice liberals being aborted in hell for eternity.

During last night’s episode of his TruNews program, Wiles said that there’s nothing in the Constitution that says a woman “has the right to murder her innocent baby.”

“There is no such right,” Wiles declared in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “The Congress has never passed an abortion law. It’s never happened.”

“Judges on the Supreme Court who defied the living God, decided that they would legalize the slaughter of babies in this country,” he continued. “Those judges, some of them — I guess all of them by now — are dead, and their carcasses will burn in hell forever.”

Wiles said that it’s his personal belief that “abortionists, and those who fight for abortion” will receive a very specific punishment in hell, which entails being “aborted continuously be demons.”

“Wow!” one of his co-hosts said off camera.

“Continuous, perpetual, eternal abortion,” Wiles clarified.

Wiles, who just exudes the aura of someone who values life, then went into detail about what these demons would do to people who think abortion should remain safe and legal.

“Think about a demon with scalpels, scissors, cutting your spinal cord, again and again…”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image: screen grab

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