Christian TV hosts: Beating up gay kids in school was how we ‘maintained the line’ and ‘kept them in the closet’

Vincent James, who currently serves as the treasurer for white nationalist Nick Fuentes‘ “America First” organization, appeared on the far-right Christian program CrossTalk earlier this month which is hosted by QAnon adherents Edward Szall and Lauren Witzke. At one point during the discussion, the topic turned towards gay people who are entering the conservative movement, Right Wing Watch reported.

“There used to be a day and age [when] it was just bad for the kid,” Szall said, referring to gay couples who adopt.When you think about the kid in the situation; we beat up the kid at school who had two dads. And we weren’t jerks for that, that’s just what we did.”

James agreed, saying kids who were “obviously gay … pretended not to be gay” in order to avoid being bullied.

“That is how we kind of maintained the line as far as behavior,” Witzke said. “I think that they all need to go back in the closet.”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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