Christian ‘weather warrior’ commands tropical storm to spare Texas — governor declares state of emergency the next day

Kat Kerr‘s results when it comes to controlling the weather are mixed — kind of like what one would expect when someone makes pronouncements against elements they have no control over and then takes credit when things go right. Now, she just added another strike to her negative record after attempting to “declare” over Tropical Storm Imelda, which currently has hundreds of people trapped in their homes and cars and at least two people dead.

In a live video posted to her Facebook page this Wednesday night, Kerr told her fellow “Weather Warriors” to join her in beating back the storm with the power of the Holy Spirit.

“We’re not gonna let that happen,” she said. “This is just a tropical disturbance I believe … but it is bringing some flooding to Texas, so what do you say about that? We command it to dissipate, the rains to dissipate, we command the flood waters to go down.”

Kerr then told any Weather Warriors who happen to be in Texas to go outside and “stomp on the ground” and say, “We command the waters to go down in Jesus’ name.”

“It’s not going to grow any stronger,” she promised while pointing to a weather map. “It’s already come ashore here and it will begin to diminish, it will be downgraded to nothing. So, that is our declaration over Imelda.”

This Thursday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared a state of emergency due to massive flooding in 13 counties.


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Featured image via screen grab/Aimee Gardner via the Houston Chronicle 


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