Christian ‘weather warrior’ swings Gandalf-like staff at Hurricane Dorian: ‘We hit it to the east!’

In a Facebook video posted to her page this Wednesday, Christian prophetess and “weather warrior” Ket Kerr declared to her followers that she is “taking authority over the weather” in response to the incoming Hurricane Dorian, which is something “we all know Jesus can do.”

“And in case you’re wondering why we even have violent types of weather? Satan,” she said. “He has the ability to jump into these storms or earthquakes because we don’t take our true power over him. But that’s changing.”

Kerr took the battle to the next level this Monday, traveling down to the Florida coast to personally command the storm to stand down. In a live video posted to her Facebook page, she yielded a wizardly staff and waved it towards the turbulent weather.

“We are here live at Atlantic Beach, Florida,” Kerr announced, adding that “the storm has been downgraded and it’s actually sitting, waiting for direction. We’re about to give it some direction.”

Kerr, whose followers also call themselves “weather warriors,” clarified that they don’t actually “fight” against inclimate weather, they “rule over” it. “There’s a huge difference,” she said.

“And so today, this is my instructions, is to hit the storm to the east and to banish it at the same time, so we’re gonna do both of those things,” she said while winding up her staff.

Swing away, Kat.

Watch the video below:


In a subsequent Facebook post, Kerr declared that she and her followers “CRUSHED THE STORM TOGETHER!”

“Shortly before 8pm EST, live from the coast of Florida, we took the authority Christ gave us and declared over the storm,” she wrote. “Winds have dissipated from 185 mph to 130 mph and soon the storm will officially be downgraded to a category 3 and we will continue to speak against it!”

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