Christian webcast host: If House Dems try to investigate Trump, God will bring about their ‘destruction’

During segment on his webcast program The McFiles this Wednesday, host and far-right commentator Chris McDonald gave a warning to Democrats, saying that if they use their majority in the House to go after President Trump and his agenda, they risk inviting their own “destruction” via the wrath of God.

Like many right-wing religious figures, McDonald sees Trump has an instrument chosen by God. In a rant on his show earlier this year, he declared that people opposing Trump might as well oppose God himself.

“Donald Trump was God’s plan for America and people that get in the way of that plan need to realize that it’s not the man they’re getting in the face of and the train of, they’re getting in the way of God himself,” he said in a September edition of his show.

This Wednesday while speaking to pro-Trump pastor Mark Burns, McDonald detailed the consequences for Democratic politicians hoping to utilize their House advantage against Trump.

“These Democrats think they’ve won some kind of pseudo-victory and get all the control of these committees and they’re going to go after Trump,” McDonald said in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch.

“I would submit to you, my friend—and I’m saying this from a strictly spiritual standpoint—I’ve never seen a president that has God working through him more, has worked through him more, than this one,” he told Pastor Burns.

McDonald believes that Trump has “God’s hand upon him.”

“I would warn the Democrats tonight … I’m warning them very seriously — they had better be careful how they touch this president and they better be careful what they do,” he continued. “It will be to their destruction personally, it will be to their destruction as a party.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via screen grab/YouTube

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