Christians freak out over photo showing ‘devil horns’ solar eclipse in the Middle East

While on vacation in Qatar this past December, Astronomer Elias Chasiotis took some photos of a solar eclipse over the Persian Gulf. The photos were gorgeous, but some saw them as a sinister sign that coincides with recent tensions on the region.

The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN News) characterized the image as “appearing to show a pair of ‘devil horns’ rising up” on a Middle East horizon. The article also made sure to point out that there were a “pair of major earthquakes” that “struck near a major nuclear plant” around the same time the photo went viral.



Christian preacher Charlie Shamp shared the photo to his Instagram page and said it’s relevant to a “special prophetic broadcast” he recently gave where he spoke about “the Prince of Persia arising in Iran.”

It didn’t end there:

According to the folks over at Mystic Post, the photo signifies a “dawn of evil.”

“Could these manifestations be altering the course of world events?”

Oh cut it out.

Sky Palma

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