Christians launch harassment campaign against lawyer who had giant cross removed

Thanks to an attorney representing the American Humanist Association, a Florida judge ruled that a giant Christian cross on city property in Pensacola had to be removed, saying that is was a clear violation of the separation between church and state.

But according to the Friendly Atheist‘s Hermant Mehta, AHA attorney Monica Miller is on the receiving end of an online campaign of harassment. The harassment seems to stem from a viral Facebook post from a man named Lou Cobb, who shared a picture of Miller with the caption, “Here is the idiot attorney that fought for removal of cross in pensacola. Lets make her famous an run her out of town!”

As of this writing, the post has been shared over 10,000 times.

Hermant Mehta writes:

There’s an unstated threat in there that I find very scary… because he doesn’t specify how people should “make her famous.” He also doesn’t seem to get that she’s an attorney representing clients in Florida and doesn’t live there herself.

That’s bad enough. But the shares and responses to that post are even worse.

Screen shots from various people sharing the post show some pretty scary vitriol, with some referring to Miller as a “F*cking c*nt,” while another wrote, “C*cksucking whore! Witch Hunt!!!” One person shared the post with a few handgun emojis:

Via The Friendly Atheist

Speaking to Mehta, Miller said that the negative response was also coupled with messages of support from both Christians and atheists.

“Although I’ve been the latest target of angry Christians who are upset with the law, which forbids a city from promoting their religious symbol, I have also received an outpouring of support from Christians and Atheists alike who understand the importance of separation of church and state,” Miller said.

“My job is to enforce compliance with the First Amendment and that’s what I did. Even Reagan-appointed Judge Vinson understood that this cross is a plain violation of the First Amendment.”

According to Mehta, the harassment is still ongoing.

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