Chuck Todd confronts Rubio: ‘Do presidential terms end after 3 years?’

According to GOP presidential hopeful Marco Rubio, the senate should block Barack Obama from replacing the recently departed Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia because he is a second term president with only a “few months” left.

Rubio, who appeared on several Sunday morning shows, believes that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should stall the nomination until a new president is elected.

“Within the last year of the last few months of the president’s term, we should not be appointing Supreme Court justices,” Rubio told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. “In the last year of a president’s term, in his second term especially, there should not be Supreme Court nominees put into lifetime positions for a president that you’re not going to hold accountable at the ballot box.”

Rubio repeated his same position on Meet the Press with host Chuck Todd, insisting there should be no nominations from a “president nearing the last few months of his administration.”

“Do presidential terms end after three years?” Todd asked.

“There comes a point in the last year of the president, especially in their second term, where you stop nominating,” Rubio said. “You basically say, at this point, with a few months left in your term, no accountability from the ballot box on the appointment you’re going to make — on a lifetime appointment.”

“Eleven months!” Todd interrupted.

The longest it has taken to confirm a Supreme Court nominee is 125 days.

Watch here via Rawstory.

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