Chuck Todd scorches a stammering Giuliani over Trump’s sex predator comments

Rudy Giuliani had a rough time on NBC’s Meet the Press this morning.

Host Chuck Todd tore into the former New York mayor, who assumed the role of top Trump surrogate after Kellyanne Conway went missing after the revelation of Trump’s 2005 rape fantasy comments that were caught on a hot mic.

Giuliani tried desperately to paint Trump’s comments in an “everybody does it” framework while changing the subject to the recently leaked paid speeches Hillary Clinton gave to Wall Street bankers.

“He’s not, one thing he’s not is what came across in WikiLeaks, and that is two people,” Giuliani said. “Hillary Clinton actually specifically described that she’s two different people, to the financial people who were giving her millions of dollars, she’s on their side and she wants to be a big part of the government. But she tells them she has to pretend to everybody else that she isn’t.”

Todd then pointed out that Giuliani’s “two people” logic could easily be applied to Donald Trump.

“If you believe that Hillary Clinton says one thing in private and that means what she really is is what she is in private, should we assume what Donald Trump did in that Access Hollywood buzz is really what Donald Trump is like in private?” the NBC anchor asked. “I mean, that’s what you’re implying here with Hillary Clinton.”

“The reality is that in both cases, both people have things in their personal lives that maybe if they could redo it, they would do it differently,” Giuliani replied, sounding defeated.

“And the reality is that this is a situation in which neither side should throw stones because both sides have sinned,” he added.

Watch the full Meet the Press segment in the video below:

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