Climate scientists appear on Jimmy Kimmel: ‘We’re not f*cking with you about the dangers’

According to Media Matters, during its coverage of climate change in 2015, ABC News did not feature one single scientist. The perspectives of scientists in other news coverage is lacking as well, and late night host Jimmy Kimmel decided to tackle the problem head-on in a bit on his show this week.

Almost half our representatives in Washington apparently know more about science than our scientists, or they pretend to because big corporations give them a lot of money to make sure they can keep doing the destructive things that they do. And the idea that this is some kind of left wing conspiracy is — what if I decided to deny the existence of yogurt? Think about it. I’ve seen the containers, I just don’t believe there’s anything in them. I believe yogurt is a conspiracy created by John Stamos.

Kimmel then introduced a segment where he had scientists talk about the data.

For the next two minutes, put your political leanings aside, forget about whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat – forget the labels and pay attention to the following message. Decide for yourself. The people you’re about to see are scientists. They’re Americans. They’re not part of some imaginary conspiracy, they’re just a smarter version of us.

Watch the video below, via Jimmy Kimmel Live:

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