CNN Analyst: Oregon militiamen ‘aren’t looting anything’ so everything is cool

Many believe the Oregon militiamen should be arrested immediately. But not CNN analyst Art Roderick.

Many believe the Oregon militiamen who conducted an armed takeover of a wildlife refuge should be arrested immediately. But not CNN analyst Art Roderick.

According to Roderick, these armed to the teeth white dudes aren’t hurting anyone, so they need to be left alone.

Roderick said to CNN’s Brian Stelter:

“The last thing we need is some type of large confrontation because that’s when stuff goes bad. And I think in this particular instance, if we just wait them out, see what they’ve got to say, then eventually, they’re all going to go home.”

Stelter then reminded Roderick that many people have rightly pointed out that if these were not angry white guys but “Black Lives Matter protesters or if these were peaceful Muslim Americans [then] they would be treated very differently by law enforcement.”

“This is a very rural area. It is out in the middle of nowhere. What are they actually doing? They’re not destroying property, they’re not looting anything.”

“I mean, there’s a whole separate situation going on as to exactly why they’re there and that will be worked out through the legal process,” he continued. “But I think now that they’ve taken over this location out at the fish and wildlife, this brings in the federal side. And I know the federal government has learned over the years how to deal with these types of incidences.”

In other words, peaceful protests by black people exercising their First Amendment rights warrants a bunch of police in riot gear, but an armed takeover of a government facility by white folks warrants nothing. Good to know.

Watch the video below via Raw Story:

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  1. Avatar

    Kathy Gray

    January 5, 2016 at 12:37 am

    Bullocks, they want to loot the wildlife refuge.

  2. Avatar

    Simon Peters

    January 5, 2016 at 3:02 am

    Kathy – those bullocks certainly won’t listen to reason. Steers – what can you do? Or maybe the problem is one of spelling…

    To address the points made above with some seriousness, the issue surely is not that an armed response would be a good idea in order that the protestors be treated in the over-the-top, shoot first, ask questions later, that seems to be the norm when the protestors are black. The issue is surely that American police need to calm down in EVERY situation. They behave like an armed invasion force, instead of public servants, which is, remember, what they are. Less violence, not more, should be the watchword.

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