CNN host blasts Rev. Franklin Graham’s call to ban Muslim refugees as ‘not very Christian’

Rev. Franklin Grahman, president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, was interviewed by CNN’s Carol Costello where he announced his plan on traveling to each state capital to pray for the country.

“I want to encourage Christians to get out and vote,” Grahman said. “And to vote for politicians that support biblical principles, Godly principles because those principles work. We need more Christians in politics. I want to encourage Christians to run for [political offices], but I’m not just talking at the presidential level, I’m talking about all levels of government.”

“Because it’s the bible principles that work,” continued Grahman.

“But we’re a nation of all faiths,” Costello replied. Costello is a self-described devote Catholic but, she also understands that “oftentimes praying isn’t enough.”

“Let’s talk about biblical principles,” she continued. “You agree in part with Donald Trump on banning Muslims coming into the United States.”

Grahman admitted that he agrees with Trump’s unconstitutional position on banning Muslims from entering the county “until we can fix our broken borders.” But he would later refrain from endorsing Trump’s presidential candidacy and will not support any of the other candidates’ campaigns either.

Costello then gave the example of Canada’s “warm embrace” of Syrian refugees and how our northern neighbor treats human beings who seek safe harbors from war.

“Some Americans look to Canada, for example, and their warm embrace of these refugees,” Costello said. “And they look at the way that some politicians in the United States talk [about] especially people from the Middle East, and they don’t think that’s very Christian.”

“Is Islam compatible with American values?” Costello asked.

“I don’t think so,” Graham  answered coldly.

He would later deny that he was guilty of hateful rhetoric and suggested that all immigration, Muslim or not, should be halted.

Watch the segment below, via Raw Story:

Featured image via screen grab.

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