CNN host perfectly shuts down Trump spokesman’s defense of attacks on Khan family

Appearing on CNN’s Reliable Sources this Sunday, spokesman for Donald Trump’s campaign Jason Miller joined the chorus of Trump staffers and supporters trying to calm the storm resulting from the GOP nominee’s attacks on Khazr Khan and his family.

CNN host Brian Stelter started out asking Miller to explain why Trump is continuing to feud with Khan, whose Muslim son died in Iraq while serving as a U.S. Army Captian.

“Well let me go and correct you on that point, Brian,” Miller responded. “Mr. Trump has praised Mr. Khan and in fact has called Captain Khan as a hero. But look, let’s be clear about what’s going on here, is that this is about…”

“That happened after the fact though. That happened in a statement last night,” Stelter interjected.

“In the ABC interview, Mr. Trump praised Mr. Khan,” Miller said.

“He called Mr. Khan a nice guy,” Stelter clarified.

“Yeah — he praised Mr. Khan. But again, Brian, let’s get back to what’s going on here. The fact is that this is about radical Islamic terrorism and what we have to do as a country to make sure that our borders are safe and to make sure that we’re screening people who are coming into this country. That’s the larger debate that’s going on here,” Miller said.

Stelter then brought up Trump’s assertion that Khan “had no right” to claim that the GOP nominee had never read the Constitution – a claim that suggests Trump lacks any real knowledge of the document.

What he’s saying is that Mr. Trump has a right to defend himself,” Miller asserted. “And to make clear what he’s saying, this is about radical Islamic terrorism, and for him to be criticized like that he didn’t think was fair. So let’s get back to the broader point here, the fact that the media is completely…”

“Let’s not,” Stelter interrupted again. “Let’s put the statement back on screen. The statement on screen says ‘Mr. Khan has no right to say what he said.’ You and I, Jason, we both know that Mr. Khan has the right to say whatever he wants to say, right?”

Watch the entire segment in the video below:

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