CNN is poking serious holes in Ben Carson’s stories about his alleged violent youth

Dr. Ben Carson is a soft-spoken individual. It has been both a strength and a weakness in his campaign for President. The lower volume on his register has opened him up for attack by serious person Donald Trump, who has called him “low energy,” but it has also allowed him to say some off-the-wall crazytown drivel that, when presented in his soothing sleepy tones, seem fairly mainstream.

In order to give a reason for his calm demeanor that still allows him to fit in with his GOP BFFs, Carson has frequently told stories of a hot-tempered younger version of himself who would get into fights with classmates before he found Jesus. Carson has volunteered information about trying to stab a classmate with so much force the knife broke, trying to attack his mother with a hammer, throwing rocks, and smashing a lock into a classmate’s face among other incidents.

When he finally came to God, Carson gave up these violent tendencies, had a complete personality transformation thanks to Jesus, and turned into the soft-spoken individual we see running for President today.

Unfortunately, according to CNN, nobody else in Carson’s life remembers these events.

When CNN reached out to former classmates, they remember Carson as bookish and nerdy. His best friend, Timothy McDaniel, believes Carson, but does not recall Carson’s violence first-hand. None of the former classmates CNN contacted remembers the attempted stabbing (which is the kind of thing one remembers). Nobody remembers this violent maniac Carson has written and talked about. Carson may well have always been the subdued individual we see before us today.


Did he make up violently attacking friends and even his own mother? What’s worse – the fact that he did all these things and that, somewhere deep down, he’s a terrifying loose cannon who can go off at any minute, or that he made it up because he liked the narrative?

When pressed for comment, campaign manager Armstrong Williams diplomatically asked CNN, “why would anyone cooperate in your obvious witch hunt?” Haha, I love Armstrong Williams. Never change, Armstrong. Never change.

Watch CNN’s report on the story in the video below:

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