CNN suggests the US shot down a literal UFO on Friday: ‘No identifiable propulsion system’

The U.S. Military shot down an unidentified object over Alaska on Friday, and a day later the mystery continues to deepen around what exactly the object was.

As CNN’s Natalie Bertrand reported the story this Saturday, her words started to slightly echo the countless witness accounts of long-unexplained UFO sightings by pilots.

“Not even the pilots apparently were really able to identify what they saw,” she told CNN anchor Jim Acosta, explaining that after U.S. fighter jets approached the object to try and figure out what it was, they gave “very conflicting accounts of what they actually experienced, with some pilots saying the object interfered with the plane’s sensors, other pilots saying they didn’t really experience that.”

Bertrand went on to say that some pilots said that when they looked at the object, they could see “no identifiable propulsion system and they did not know how it was actually staying in the air cruising at that altitude of about 40,000 feet.”

“So this has all added to the Pentagon’s wariness of describing in more detail what this object actually is until they can get more information through the debris.”

On top of that report, the Associated Press now says that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that a U.S. Military jet shot down an unidentified object over Canada. Like in CNN’s report, the AP’s details on what the object actually was are almost non-existent.

From the AP: North American Aerospace Defense Command, the combined U.S.-Canada organization that provides shared defense of airspace over the two nations, said it had detected an object flying at a high altitude over northern Canada. It wasn’t immediately clear how high up it was flying or what it was.

Trudeau said he also spoke with President Joe Biden, who himself ordered the downing of an unidentified object over remote Alaska on Friday.

F-22 fighter jets have now shot down three objects in the skies above the U.S. and Canada in the last seven days. The first object to be shot down was identified as a Chinese spy balloon that was carrying “devices to intercept sensitive communications.”

Sky Palma

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