CNN’s Chris Cuomo embarrasses Catholic League’s Bill Donohue during debate on Arizona’s anti-gay law

Catholic League President Bill Donohue thinks Christians are “being besieged.” During an appearance on CNN with Chris Cuomo, the two had a heated debate in the wake of Arizona’s recently vetoed bill SB 1062 that would have allowed business owners to discriminate against LGBT people based on religious belief.

Donohue conceded that discrimination against LGBT individuals was wrong — except for marriage, but he insisted that marriage is “about family, it’s not about love,” going on to say that “marriage has always been based historically on duty and commitment.”

Not believing his ears, Cuomo said, “you do not own marriage– it was not developed by Christians,”

“I have Christianity, I have Judaism, I have the Muslims, I have Mormons, I have most of the world, who regard this idea as bizarre– that two men should get married,” Donohue shot back.

Watch the entire segment in the video below:

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