CNN’s Jim Acosta responds to Trump’s Fake News Awards: ‘Trump is the king of fake news’

CNN had the honor of leading the pack after President Trump announced the winners of his botched “Fake News Awards” rollout. During an appearance at the Newseum forum last night, CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta gave a little impromptu acceptance speech.

Acosta was on stage with fellow White House correspondents John Roberts and April Ryan where they discussed press freedom and the negative effects of Trump’s attacks on the free press. Acosta was told the results of Trump’s awards as they became news, and he didn’t mince words.

“I would say, having been called ‘fake news’ myself, that the President of the United States is the king of fake news,” Acosta said.

Acosta rattled off a series of Trump lies, including the constant promotion of the debunked birther conspiracy theory in the run-up to his 2016 campaign and his fraudulent claims of mass voter fraud during the election. According to Acosta, Trump’s penchant for lying “is just a fact.”

“It’s unfortunate that the president has sunk to that level where he has to go around issuing these kinds of awards,” Acosta said. “It’s just not what you would think would happen in this country.”

Earlier this week, Trump kicked Acosta out of the Oval Office when he pressed Trump on his denigrating immigrants from “shithole countries.”

Watch Acosta in the video below:

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