College graduate in viral video violently snatching mic from school official says she was a victim of racism

A woman who snatched a microphone from a college official during her graduation ceremony says she was a victim of racism.

Kadia Iman, a creator on OnlyFans with more than 18,000 followers on TikTok, shared a video showing her violently grabbing the mic from the hands of a college official during a graduation ceremony.

“I want the mic! Let go! You didn’t let me get my moment,” she said while fighting for control of the mic from the unidentified older woman. ”I’m graduating today. I don’t like how you snatched the mic out of my hand, so today is going to be all about me!”

Iman then slams the mic on the ground and walks away.

It’s not known (at least to this author) which college the incident took place at.


@tiktok you are racist stop removing mt video i am a black woman speaking from being silences … why take my video down ( full story on my page )

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In another video posted to TikTok, Iman explained her version of events.

“Basically, what happened was I was walking on and we had to say our names before we get on the stage,” she says in the clip. “So I was saying my name and she literally — my name is long, obviously, I have like three syllables in my name.

“So, I didn’t even get to finish saying my name, and then the people that went before me, they all got to say their name, their major, and even extras,” Iman said.

“Me and another girl noticed that she was pulling the mic down super fast for some black people — I don’t want to be that person, so I just couldn’t let her … I just couldn’t let that happen,” she said.

“I just feel like I worked so hard to graduate and went through so much s–t to graduate that I just felt like I had to reclaim my moment. I’m sorry. I’m not a problematic person. I don’t want to ruin no one’s day,” Iman said.

Reactions to the video was mixed. “Not only did you speak up for yourself you spoke for other guys and girls that were cut off or not given a diploma on their graduation,” wrote one person.

“I feel sorry for any employer that has to deal with her,” wrote another.

However, another video was uploaded to social media that showed a different version of events. While Iman’s video starts as soon as she grabs the mic, another video shows that graduates were lined up and began stepping forward to speak their names into the mic. As one graduate speaks his name, Iman appears out of nowhere and grabs the mic, starting the brief struggle.

Watch the video below:

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