Comedian Aziz Ansari does a better Bobby Jindal than Bobby Jindal

Last night on The Tonight Show, Aziz Ansari made an appearance as long-shot Presidential candidate Bobby Jindal, where he discussed his campaign and his views on science.

Aziz as Jindal starts off excited to meet someone as famous as Jimmy Fallon and appearing on national TV, since he’s usually on C-SPAN at 2 AM after those nutri-bullet commercials. He continues on optimistically, bragging that his numbers have jumped from 1% to 2% — a 100% jump! That’s a huge difference. Think about how much more delicious 1% milk is than 2%!

From his new campaign slogan “Taste the Fat” to patting himself on the back for backing Long John Silver restaurants, Aziz plays Jindal as a delusional dunce who lives in a reality completely divorced from the one the rest of us live in — one where believing in even less science than the rest of the GOP candidates is a good thing.

I wouldn’t mind a tiny hat that says “Taste the Fat” though. That sounds like a niche adult film title. Actually, maybe I shouldn’t get one.

Jindal 2016!


[The Daily Dot] Featured image via screen grab

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