Comedian Jim Jefferies’ take on Christianity and Christians is relentlessly brutal (and hilarious)

Considering that he was once attacked onstage while performing at the Manchester Comedy Store, it’s no secret that Australian comic Jim Jefferies can ruffle a few feathers with his comedy routines.

In this bit from 2013, Jefferies talks about one of his favorite subjects, religion. Targeting Christianity, Jefferies has some doubts about the concept of God’s “unconditional love.”

I can tell you for sure that God does not love you unconditionally… If you don’t put a small amount of water on a baby’s forehead, it burns for eternity. That’s the condition of a f-cking psychopath.

Jefferies then explains how God wouldn’t be a very good guest if he were to show up for a party, due to his irrational need for attention.

Watch an excerpt from his routine in the video below. But be forewarned, it’s extremely NSFW:

Sky Palma

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