Confrontational Florida anti-masker dares cop to arrest him — Cop says ‘okay’

A Florida man who refused to wear a mask in a North Naples store was arrested for trespassing, NBC2 reports.

Timothy Carpenter, 66, was shopping at Chesterdales Home & Garden store which has signs posted reading, “Masks required, protecting you and our employees.” While the state of Florida does not have a mask mandate, privately-owned businesses can require customers and staff to wear face masks.

When employees asked Carpenter to wear a face mask, he refused and continued to shop. A police report cited by NBC2 says one of the store’s owners asked to have Carpenter “trespassed” from the store.

“Carpenter repeatedly turned his back on deputies telling them to just put him in handcuffs,” NBC2 reports. “Deputies then arrested Carpenter, put him in handcuffs and took him to the Naples Jail Center. He is facing a misdemeanor trespassing charge.”

Watch NBC2’s report on the story below:

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