Congressman nails Trump on Russia: ‘He attacks everyone and anyone except Putin’

Intrigue surrounding the alleged Trump-Russia connection reached a crucial point this Monday, when FBI Director James Comey revealed that intelligence agencies had been investigating the Trump team since July, and that there was credible info suggesting collusion between Trump officials and Russian operatives.

Throughout the firestorm, Trump has attacked the media, Obama, other Republicans, government agencies — almost no one escapes his wrath, except one particular country and its leader.

During the hearing, Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) gave a pointed rebuke of Trump’s attacks on the media and various other figures, saying that it’s notable how Russia and Vladimir Putin seem to always escape any form of criticism from the President.

“…our new president will attack everyone and anyone,” Himes said. “He will attack the cast of Hamilton, he will attack Chuck Schumer, he will attack our allies, Mexico, Australia, Germany…”

“But there is one country which is immune, which is inoculated from any form of presidential attack, no matter what the behavior — no matter of there’s a violation of the INF nuclear treaty, no matter if Vladimir Putin kills political opponents — the new president defends, obfuscates, does not attack.”

Watch the video below, via ABC News:

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