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Conservative commentator: Trump needs to become a ‘dictator for patriotism’

The only thing that has kept America from descending into full-on authoritarianism under Donald Trump’s travesty of a “presidency” is the fact that we live under a Constitutional system of checks and balances. However, right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein would have Trump do things much differently. Bernstein was on a segment of Bill Deagel’s NutriMedical Report Show on Monday. During his time there, he blasted over the airwaves that Trump should simply go around Congress and do as he pleases via executive order — what Bernstein calls being a “dictator for patriotism.”

Bernstein went on to tell Deagel that he had already expressed similar sentiments to Trump. In fact, according to Bernstein, he told Trump to “declare war on Congress.” Of course, this would be illegal. Congress is a co-equal branch of government. That matters not to Bernstein, at any rate. His message to those who would say that he can’t be serious with such suggestion is that he is “a visionary.”

It gets worse from there.

“I’m able to see that things were never going to get better,” Bernstein said an audio clip flagged by Right Wing Watch.

“[Democrats] were never going to allow this president to enact his full agenda, so I said, ‘Don’t even work with them; work with the people on Twitter and Facebook that love you and follow you and you work with them,” he continued. “You tell them what you are going to do and you do everything else you have to do by executive order. Almost become a dictator for patriotism, if you have to.’”

“I wouldn’t say anything to Nancy Pelosi, I wouldn’t say anything to any of them, Mitch McConnell, none of them,” Bernstein declared. “I would lock myself off from Congress, do what I was going to do, do it through executive orders, make the country great again, and then let the people of America decide in 2020.”

Bernstein is literally advocating for the dismantling of the republic and its laws, Constitution, and system of checks and balances, all in the name of Trumpism. Something tells me he is not the only one who feels this way, either. He is just the only one who is crazy enough to express it aloud.

Listen to the comments below, via Right Wing Watch:

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