Conservative jerk gets punished for slamming food stamp recipients with Easter tweet

Kurt Schlichter is a conservative columnist, sometimes Fox News guest, and a real true Christian. So real and so true and so solid are his beliefs, that he’s fighting hard to be the new Todd Kincannon of Twitter (if you don’t know who Todd Kincannon is, you can read these tweets of his as a primer).

The day before Easter, the day that celebrates the resurrection of Schlicter’s risen savior, he fired off a tweet that expressed a sentiment that resonates heavily with conservative Christians of his day – or at least the last 30 years or so.

Yes. How dare those poor people on food stamps have access to quality food. Schlichter and others of his ilk get so incensed at the idea of a person buying steak or seafood with their food stamps, that they’re willing to cast a downer on the day that celebrates a poor guy who never really worked a day in his adult life and depended on other people for food.

Enter Zaid Jilani, a progressive commentator and writer, and someone who I don’t always agree with (he’s a bit too much of an apologist for Islamic extremism, which is a problem on the left IMHO), but he was more or less pretty sharp in his dust-up with Schlichter.


Which is a silly thing to say, suggesting that atheist values are on par with Schlichter’s, but anyway…

Now things get a little more serious.

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