Conservative radio host has proof Trump isn’t racist: ‘Notice how close he stands to this black man?’

Bill Mitchell is a conservative radio host who’s solidified his bona fides as a die-hard Donald Trump supporter when he jumped on the Khazr Khan/Gold Star family-bashing bandwagon, attacking the Gold Star dad’s deceased son Humayun Khan by saying that getting killed while serving in the U.S. military “makes you a soldier, not a hero.”

Mitchell is raising eyebrows again, this time with a bizarre series of tweets that praise Trump for his supposed “outreach” to African Americans.

Commenting on Trump’s interaction with audience members and parishioners at Great Faith Ministries International church in Detroit this past weekend, Mitchell claimed that Trump’s “body language” as he waded through the audience after his speech was stark proof that we wasn’t the racist the media is making him out to be.

“You notice how close Trump stands to this black man as he listens to him?” Mitchell tweeted. “No racist would ever do that.”

Among the deluge of responses the tweet prompted, Twitter user Lena Denim‘s challenges seemed to get under Mitchell’s skin the most.

“[How] can you live your entire adult life on planet earth and still not know what the definition of racism is?” Denim asked.

“I’ll settle for just saying “Democrat.” Quicker and defines it perfectly,” Mitchell responded.

“I didn’t know you identified as a [Democrat],” Denim shot back.

“So you think I’m a racist? Why, because I’m white? That’s racist to think by the way,” Mitchell countered.

“I’m arguing that you don’t know the definition of racism, as evidenced by your tweet,” Denim replied, poking fun at Mitchell’s apparent lack of reading comprehension skills. “Not sure where you see ‘you’re a racist.'”

And with that, Mitchell rings in a new low in Trumpland: racism is now defined by how close one stands to a black person.

Mitchell tried to justify his reasoning following the disgust at his tweet:

This last tweet is interesting. I’d say a racist is someone who feels standing close to black people deserves special commentary.

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