Conservative radio host Michael Savage just referred to Bernie Sanders as a ‘weasel Jew’

Michael Savage is a pathetic anti-semite.

As Bernie Sanders’ populist message continues to resonate with much of the American electorate, the far right panics, and, of course, when the far right panics, they crank up the hate. That is just what Michael Savage is doing as he turns his attention to Bernie Sanders.

On a recent edition of his show Savage NationSavage accused Sanders of being unhinged (look who’s talking, right?) and said that he was handing Hillary the nomination “because by espousing the stupidity that he espouses, it makes her look like a centrist even though she’s a leftist. So he may as well be just a front man for her, a warm up act.”

Michael Savage is the crazy one here. It’s no secret that Hillary Clinton is the establishment candidate; that is pretty much well known. However, Sanders is a force in his own right, and he is definitely holding his own in this race. Further, of course they are both leftists. Hillary never tried to pretend to be anything other than a Democrat. It’s what she has been for years, perhaps her entire life. After all, she was the First Lady to the man who is easily one of the most popular Democratic presidents of the modern age.

Savage’s nonsensical rant just goes to show that he is afraid of what Bernie Sanders is doing, of his popularity, and of the fact that even if he doesn’t get the nomination, whoever does will be forced further to the left. And that scares the living daylights out of right-wing nuts like Michael Savage. They are afraid — very afraid. And they should be.

Listen to Savage’s below, via Right Wing Watch:

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