Conservative radio hosts: ‘No doubt’ Hillary would have killed us in internment camps if she was elected

During an appearance on the Operation Freedom live stream this Tuesday, far-right conspiracy theorist Dave Janda gave his listeners another reason to breathe a sigh of relief over the fact that Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected president.

Speaking to fellow conspiracy theorist John Paul Rice, the two lauded President Trump for the great job he’s doing.

“We have somebody in the White House who, I believe, is at least trying and wanting to do good things for people,” Rice said in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “Three years ago, was any of this possible? Was any of this possible happening with Hillary Clinton as president? Never.”

According to Janda, if Hillary was elected, the two of them “wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

“You and I would be doing it from a FEMA camp,” Rice replied, referring to an old conspiracy theory that claims the US would use a natural disaster to imprison dissidents in internment camps overseen by the relief agency.

“I think we would have already left the FEMA camp, feet first,” Janda said. “I really believe that. I’m very sincere when I say that. There is no doubt in my mind.”

Featured image via screen grab

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