Conservative talk show host: Christine Blasey Ford ‘was probably a sexual predator’

Last week, right-wing conservative pundit Josh Bernstein published a video asserting, without evidence, that Christine Blasey Ford was not a victim of sexual assault by SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, but was actually the aggressor who is now bitter because she was rejected by Kavanaugh.

“Brett Kavanaugh is not only innocent, but he, in fact, is the victim,” Bernstein said in the video published on September 25.

“It sounds to me as if maybe this is a situation where maybe these girls liked Brett Kavanaugh when he was a youngster and he didn’t like them for whatever reason—maybe he could see through the type of people that they truly are. And it sounds to me as though they were jilted [by] Brett Kavanaugh and now, all these years later, they’re jealous of him because he’s on the way to the Supreme Court and they’re still stuck in academia. I think that that could be a big part of this.”

“Brett Kavanaugh was likely a victim—that’s right, a victim—of Christine Blasey Ford and her Holton Arms sexual culture,” he added, referring to the independent college-preparatory school Ford attended. “If anything happened back then, 36 years ago, it’s likely that Miss Ford initiated it and was the aggressor. And if she wasn’t, at the very least, judging by all of the information that we now know about that school, she was a willing and consensual participant.”

This Monday, Bernstein appeared on the NurtiMedical Report and doubled down on his attacks against Ford, saying that she sounds like a “jilted lover.”

“It sounded like somebody that liked him but he was more interested in getting into Yale and keeping a clean profile and doing what he was supposed to do and she was probably the sexual predator,” he said.

Bernstein, without offering any evidence to back up his claim, said that he doesn’t believe anything happened to Ford when it comes to sexual assault.

“Nothing ever happened to her in her entire life,” he declared.

“She’s never had anything done to her and if anything, she and her Holton Arms sexual culture were predatory against the boys at Georgetown Prep,” he said. “People need to wake up and see that facts and the truth, because the truth is that her and her friends at that disgusting Holton Arms all-girls school was nothing but a sorority of sexual predators.”

[Right Wing Watch]

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