Conservative TV host defends Christian nationalism: ‘If Hitler could use nationalism to do bad things, imagine what a good guy could do’

During a segment on right-wing Victory Channel, host Greg Stephens gave an odd defense of the concept of “Christian nationalism,” saying that nationalism can be a good thing when not employed by the likes of Adolph Hitler.

According to Stephens, Christians nationalists don’t base themselves in fascism like Hitler did.

“Yes, [Hitler] wanted pride in Germany again, they have been decimated by the previous war,” Stephens said.

“I mean, [Germany’s] inflation rate was astronomical … Now, that’s what a bad leader can do, but imagine what a good leader could do with nationalism or even Christian nationalism,” he said.

Stephens then asked, “If Hitler can do that, a bad guy, imagine what a good guy could do?”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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