Conservative YouTuber says ‘miserable atheists’ are ruining Christmas

Libertarians lament government encroachment on personal freedom, which makes this rant by a libertarian commentator a little confusing. According to Kristin Tate, atheists who demand local governments not promote a particular religion are ruining Christmas for everyone.

“There are large groups of atheists who are total grinches and, with the ACLU, they go around threatening to sue schools and towns for putting up Nativity scenes or Christmas trees,” Tate said.

“So a lot of these towns and schools who are canceling Christmas holiday traditions or, you know, renaming Christmas trees are doing this out of fear because they get threatened with lawsuits from these miserable atheist people who don’t even live in the area,” she continued.

Rebel Media host David Menzies then offered his own critique, saying atheists always want “tolerance and acceptance and even affirmation for their atheism, yet there’s no tolerance and acceptance and affirmation for anything to do with Christianity.”‘

But as Hement Mehta of the Friendly Atheist points out, atheists “don’t sue local governments for merely having a Nativity scene on public property. While local officials shouldn’t be erecting any religious displays, some cities allow outside groups to do just that. The problems arise when Christian displays are the only ones allowed, while other groups are shut out of the process completely.”

What do the atheists want? Equality. They want the same treatment as other religious groups, and they don’t want to see governments or schools pushing aside everybody else in order to promote the Jesus myth.

You would think a self-proclaimed libertarian would understand the problem with the government acting as a de facto marketing agency for a religious group…

Watch the video below:

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